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Mr. Raos

Picture of Mr Raos at Legoland with STEM students


Welcome to my teacher page.  First I give you a little background about me.  I began teaching at Crestwood in  2012.  In my time at Crestwood, I have taught 6th grade science, 8th Grade Science, TV Production and Pre-Engineering for our STEM Academy.  I am the sponsor for our student council, in charge if the MSCR program, website administrator, and the department leader for the science department.  I am proud to be an eagle and try to work with my students to succeed in their goals.

This year I will be teaching the Television production class, and Physical Science classes.  All 8th graders will take the same statewide assessment at the end of the year, so there will be a great deal of work to be completed this year.

Due to current situation it appears we will be beginning this school year virtually.  I am setting up this page so students, parents and guardians will have access to all the material for this class.   

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